Vortex Grinder

The Vortex grinder is proudly made in South Africa and presents the pinnacle of grinding technology. It gives you the ability to repeatedly achieve the same ultra high quality grinds on your custom blades. A number of options need to be considered in specifying your machine:



Options to power your Vortex include 0,75kw or 1,5kw single speed motors or 0,75kw or 1,5kw variable speed motors.


The only benefit of the single speed motors is the lower initial purchase cost.


Variable speed is achieved by pairing a 3-phase motor with a variable frequency drive (VFD). The VFD turns ordinary household 220v into 3-phase 220v, thereby letting the operator select a wide range of forward or reverse speeds.


Having variable speed on your beltsander is super useful for knifemakers as it allow you to run coarse belts at high speeds and the finer belts - which tend to burn the steel - at much lower speeds.



Our Drive wheels are machined from solid aluminium billets to ensure best performance of your belt grinder. They are 60mm wide and comes in either a 150mm or 200mm diameter. Most machines use the 150mm wheel but the more powerful 1,5kw machines sometimes are fitted with the 200mm wheel where higher belt speeds are desired. 





Drive Wheel

The Vortex is unique in that it allows the operator to do both hollow grind and flat grinds perfectly on the grinding table. The table sits underneath the wheel and provides more than 500mm of work area for just about any knife to be made. Should the operator prefer to grind free hand, the table can be left out, thereby reducing the initial purchase cost of the machine.




Grinding Table

The Vortex allows grinding on the grinding table with any diameter contact wheel from 80mm right up to 500mm. You can do deep small curve grinds e.g. for daggers or wide almost flat grinds for big swords.


Our contact wheels are made from solid aluminium billets with a coating of polyurethane. The 300x25mm contact wheel is our best seller. The 300mm diameter allows you to do most general grinding required in knifemaking. The narrow 25mm width has much less lever effect as compared to say a 50mm wide wheel. This means that the 25mm is significantly easier to work with, where as on the 50mm any little mistake is magnified into a deep scratch on the blade.


Surprisingly the 50mm wide wheel does not cut any faster than the 25mm, despite using belts that cost double what the 25mm belts do.



Contact Wheel

The Platen is bolted to the front of the grinder in place of the contact wheel. It is most useful in grinding profiles, cutting flat grinds and a myriad of other tasks. The Vortex Platen is a full size flat surface.


Platen Attachment

A Small Curve attachment with 3 small wheels are available to let your Vortex cut finger grooves and other small curves. The 24mm, 36mm and 50mm wheels can reach into just about any curve we can think about on a knife.




Small Wheel Attachment